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Delivery Information

How long can I expect to wait for my order to be processed?

Most orders are simple and straight forward. We will endeavour to make and ship those orders within 14 days of receiving the order.  If for some reason (eg illness or family emergency) we cannot fulfill this pledge we will email you to let you know.

As we offer a highly personalised service, we may get in touch with you to discuss your order so we can get it as perfect as you’d like. Although we’ll get through this process as quickly as possible, this could add a few hours or an extra day or two to the whole process (depending on how quickly our chats go).

How much is shipping and why am I being charged this?

We strongly believe in not ripping our customers off. We want to give you a good product at a fair price. Therefore 100% of the delivery charge is what the parcel companies charge. We do not make a single penny from delivery charges, nor would we want to. We know other companies do this to try and squeeze extra pennies out of a sale and its annoyed us in the past (theatre booking fees are the worst!).  Thats not us though, we’re not into that stuff.

At present we send everything by Royal Mail 2nd class in an effort to keep costs down for you as much as possible.  We continually review shipping costs and will do our very best to find savings and pass them onto our customers.

We list our products at their price and then list the shipping cost separately so you can see what we charge and what the parcel companies charge.  We feel that this is important as, for example, if you order a t-shirt from us, we want you to see what we charge – which covers the actual garment, all  the materials, ink, packaging, time and effort – completely separate from the shipping costs.

Can I collect from your shop?

No – we don’t have one.  We sell all of our products online.  Skipping the bit where we have to pay £1000 rent every month allows us to sell products at a lower price.  Its good for us and good for you (and the Royal Mail).

Can I pay for 1st class post?

Yes.  If you really need something making quickly and are willing to pay for the extra postage, get in touch with us and we’ll try to arrange this for you.

PLEASE NOTE that we can only make something and ship it quickly if we have what you want in stock.  We’ll always do our best to accommodate your wishes though so give us a shout if you have any queries.

Do we offer free delivery?

We can offer free delivery but only in two scenarios.

  1. Free delivery orders over £60. 
  2.  Special offers/sales.

Do we have different parcel options such as tracking?

At present, no. We send everything by Royal Mail 2nd class to keep costs down for our customers.  However, if we hear from our customers that there is a demand for that then we’ll certainly look to add that feature.  To date though, nobody has shown any interest in that.  If you need items super quickly please see above re 1st class post.

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

We do yes, however please get in touch with us to place an order. Due to continually changing postage prices and customs requirements it isn’t practical to have a set price on our website for overseas shipping.  However, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll work all that out for you.